When it comes to making goals, you want to set them off knowing that you will succeed.  But it’s difficult to know how much you can succeed if you haven’t done a challenge like this one before.  But don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.  The first thing you want to do is find your passion.  The best way to learn what your passions are is to give yourself an assessment test.  I’ve learned this from Robert Allen in his book “Nothing Down For The 2000s“.  He called it his purpose finder exercise.

First get yourself a sheet a paper and divide it into four quadrants.  Second, write these words on the top of each quadrant: Passion, Values, Talent, and Destiny.  And start questions like What do I love to do?  What I’m I good at?  What’s important to me?  What was I meant to do?  I’m working on this right now.  I’m also attending a “Self-Reliance”,  12-week course from Pathway, “Starting and Growing My Business”.  I spend about 2 hours a week plus 4-10 hours outside of meetings.  I’m also learning Robert Allen’s Twelve Wealth Secrets.  One for each week.  I’ll be sharing them with you as I begin my first day of my 90-day plan.

Once you get your Purpose Finder Exercise completed, you’ll start making goals and intentions that will match your purpose.  It takes forever but it’s worth it because you’ll have a well-balanced goal that you’ll be working toward.   Robert Allen’s book will also give you six areas that you can develop: Body, Brain, Being, Time, People and Money.  It’s all about being balanced in these 6 areas of your life that will strengthen your foundation for Success.

Then you begin your 90-day plan.  Set a time each morning an hour to work on this plan.  Write down bottom lines (a task that you must do before your day is done for each of the 90 days.)  Do the fear thing first because it will create confidence when you start your days.  Write a list of about 10 tasks that you’re afraid of doing now.  Begin your days with success by conquering your fears.  Visualize your days in advance and see as far you can into your 90-day plan.  Japanese Company Founders used to plan their businesses 150 years into the future.

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